Obama haters

Look into your hearts
If you have one
Look into your hearts
If you can find it
Look into your hearts
I dare you
And tell me what is there
Make it the truth
I will accept nothing else
Tell me why you hate
A black President
No easy answers from FOX
Use your own words please
If you are honest and Christian
You will be ashamed
Of your unChristian views
Mixed with racism

BS nation

We live in a BS nation
Where facts are replaced by fiction
We are a white, Christian nation
People of color need not apply
Politicians lying
Democracy dying
Media denying
Their responsibility.
Deeds not words
Compassion lacking
Passions unleashed
For all the wrong reasons
This is the season
Of our regret
Needs unmet
Needs denied
By the rich
And their hired guns
Militarized police
Across BS nation.