Burton, burton, who has the Halliburton?
Not I–Dubai has the CEO
Houston remains one of its headquarters
Dubai is the other
To focus on the Eastern Hemisphere
They claim.
If taxes are lower–so what?
To supply our troops
Made in the USA
Should be a requirement.
If Halliburton does not meet
The requirement–strike their approval
From government approved vendors
Dick Cheney does not work there any longer.

Bye bye Jindal

Bye bye Jindal, bye bye
Don’t cry Jindal, don’t cry
It’s back to obscurity, Jindal
You can run again some day
Louisiana cannot contain your ambition, Jindal
So don’t cry, Jindal, don’t cry
It’s try, try again, Jindal, try
David Vitter’s seat is open in DC
Join the club, Jindal, the US Senate
One more scoundrel won’t make a difference
But you can try, Jindal, you can try.