Neutron Jack

Neutron Jack and Neutron Jill
Went up a hill
To fetch a pail of water
When they returned, they found
The water was radioactive.
The hill they climbed
Was in Fukushima province, Japan.

Jack Welch earned the nickname Neutron Jack early in his career at GE, and GE designed the reactors that failed at Fukushima. Jack Welch was not CEO at GE when the reactors were designed and built.

Please see Jack Welch

GOP hopefuls

Mitt Romney full of sh—-
Jeb Bush bushed
Donald Trump stumped
Sarah Palin retires
Ben Carson City, Nevada
Ted Cruz’s ship sinks
Mike Lee surrenders
Jon Huntsman hunts for votes
Sack Chris Christie
John McCain’s insane
Rand Paul’s immense gall
Rick Perry to jail
Rick Sanitorium
Scott Walker walks
Rick Scott not free
Paul Ryan caught lyan’
Mike Huckabee making honey
John Thune, think or thwim
Pat Buchanan, loose cannon
Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney lite
Bobby Jindal, be-all and end-all.


Inversion is
Perversion of
The US tax code.
An accounting trick
That permits corporations
To remain in the US
And pay less taxes.
If they don’t pay
You and I will pay
Or do without.
I say that
They will pay
If my say
Is heeded by Congress.
Less than 2%
Of voter demands
Are heeded by
Our elected officials.
That must change.

If a corporation leaves the US physically, like Halliburton, or on paper like Burger King and others, they ought not be able to influence US elections by contributing money to any candidates or ballot measures. Foreign citizens are prohibited by law from contributing to US elections.