Ben Carson and Planned Parenthood

It is his contention that Planned Parenthood clinics are located disproportionately in colored neighborhoods to control the population. By that he means that the purpose of Planned Parenthood is to reduce the number of minority Americans by encouraging the abortion of as many as possible. Has he not considered that minority communities need Planned Parenthood or other low-cost healthcare providers because the minority communities are poor?

Does the truth matter?

Does the truth about Planned Parenthood matter to the Right? Or is it a matter of means and ends? Is ending legal abortions so important to the right-to-lifers that any means to the end are justified? Makes you wonder who or what are safe from right wing smears. First it was ACORN and now it is Planned Parenthood. Who will be next? Are we now living in a society that governs by means of the Big Brother of Orwell’s 1984? None of the GOP candidates seems to possess the courage to stand up and say those videos are highly edited phonies.

Silver lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. When I fell and broke my arm in February, just for a brief moment I saw the world through my right eye only. I knew that I had a blind spot there but my brain combines the images it receives from both eyes into one image. In that one brief instant, I saw that I had two blind spots, not just one. They are two black ovals near each other in the center of my vision. They are totally black with absolutely no detail, separated by a narrow band of vision. I assume that they are caused by previous retina surgery that destroyed some of the vision cells in my eye. Now that I know that I will be extra careful to watch for items in the two blind spots. They also explain my lack of depth perception in part, but not all, of my vision

Fat tax

In an earlier post, I suggested that taxing the 1% at higher rates is justified, and that the tax could be named the fat cat tax. Taxing the obese, a fat tax, might also be a good idea. It would be a stimulus for overweight Americans to lose weight. In effect, the obese would be paying higher taxes until they lost weight and thereby became healthier, reducing the nation’s healthcare costs.

Please see Fat cat tax