Stop signs

Here in Utah, many streets are very wide. Last night I was driving home via a route that was not familiar and I almost failed to see a stop sign to my right and rather lower than normal. Thinking about a near-miss accident, I decided that painting a warning on the pavement about half-a-block in advance would be a useful and possibly life saving sign. All it would need to say would be “Stop ahead.” Painting the stop sign on the pavement would be useful also, but the stop ahead might suffice to promote safer driving.

Ben Carson and Planned Parenthood

It is his contention that Planned Parenthood clinics are located disproportionately in colored neighborhoods to control the population. By that he means that the purpose of Planned Parenthood is to reduce the number of minority Americans by encouraging the abortion of as many as possible. Has he not considered that minority communities need Planned Parenthood or other low-cost healthcare providers because the minority communities are poor?