Fat tax

In an earlier post, I suggested that taxing the 1% at higher rates is justified, and that the tax could be named the fat cat tax. Taxing the obese, a fat tax, might also be a good idea. It would be a stimulus for overweight Americans to lose weight. In effect, the obese would be paying higher taxes until they lost weight and thereby became healthier, reducing the nation’s healthcare costs.

Please see Fat cat tax

Veterans Administration

In their latest efforts to downsize government, cut costs and eliminate waste, the GOP want to privatize the Veterans Administration (VA). If they succeed, I suggest that the next step should be to privatize the biggest money waster in government, the Department of Defense (DOD). Then the next time we want to go to war, the government can solicit competitive bids from Blackwater, Halliburton et al. No more cost-plus contracts for defense contractors.