Repression: the denial of the rights of the majority by an elite or small minority, usually involving the use of force. During the Cold War, the US supported repressive regimes around the world and justified that support as helping to contain the USSR. After the USSR dissolved, the US continued to support repressive regimes to promote stability in the world, and access to oil in the Middle east.

9-11 and Osama bin Laden were the spark that set off a chain of events that led to the current unrest in the Middle East. George W. bush did not cause the unrest, but it was his poor decision to invade Iraq that caused the unrest to happen NOW. Repression will eventually lead to a reaction. It always does. George W. Bush just released the reaction that was caused by decades or centuries of repression.

Currently, the majority of the US population are repressed by our government and large corporations acting on behalf of the 1%. Just as the US has supported repressive regimes abroad, so too does the government of China support repression in the US. They do that through financing the US deficit, and after Citizens United, they probably are funneling dark money into US elections, despite laws against foreign contributions in US elections.

Why does China support repression in the US? Because China itself represses its own people and China benefits from oppression in the US through the US jobs we export to China and the goods we buy there. A repressed population in the US is too busy with our own concerns to forcefully confront China about their repression. Repression always leads to reaction. I cannot predict when or in what form it will take place, but it will happen both in the US and in China.

P.S. For additional information on Chinese repression, I recommend The China Fantasy, Why Capitalism Will Not Bring Democracy To China by James Mann.

EBOLA-national security threat?

Please don’t categorize EBOLA as a national security threat. If we do, then John McCain and possibly others will assume that it is a small country in Africa and want to bomb it to eliminate the threat. They won’t be able to find it on the map, but will want to put drones in the air and use Hellfire missiles to kill suspected carriers just as we are currently targeting suspected terrorists in East Africa.

If we start targeting people ill with EBOLA, the word will spread and rumors of EBOLA will cause the healthy to flee the neighborhood to preserve life and limb. That will only spread the disease more quickly as people flee from one part of the country to another. This is also true of our targeting of suspected terrorists. When we accidentally kill the innocent, we create more terrorists as the relatives of the dead and maimed vow revenge. Let’s not make EBOLA the cause of another grievance against the actions of America.


The US supplied Afghanistan with aircraft costing $486 million and recently those planes were scrapped because they were not useful. The scrap value was $32,000.00, nearly a 100% loss. Just think what that $486 million would have purchased here at home, the people fed, the children educated and the lives saved with proper, less costly healthcare. In some ways, we are fortunate that Afghanistan is a land-locked country; they lack a navy that we would have to buy ships for.

Honest broker

Rather than involving the US militarily in the world’s conflicts, in my humble opinion we should be offering our services to the disputants as an honest broker. We cannot be an honest broker if we are supplying weapons to one side and not the other. If we are arming Israel, then we must supply defensive weapons and training in their use to the Palestinians, those weapons to include but not limited to anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. There needs to be a clear understanding on both sides that the US will not supply arms or resupply them to an attacker. The weapons can be used only for defense, not preemptive war.

The enemy of my enemy

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Too often, that is the rational used in deciding foreign policy. The enemy of my enemy may be my enemy also. Case in point, the Iran/Iraq war when we sided with Iraq and Saddam Hussein. We should have washed our hands of that one and said a pox on both your houses. The US does not need to involve itself in every foreign dispute. There are times when we should let the warring parties settle the dispute between themselves.