Turks and the Kurds

Turkey has just permitted the US to use airbases in Turkey to hit ISIS targets in Syria. Joining in those attacks in Syria, Turkey is using the opportunity to hit Kurdish forces in Iraq who are US allies. The hostilities between Turks and Kurds have been ongoing for at least fifty years longer than those between Israel and the Palestinians. Both the Kurds and the Turks are our allies while in the other conflict, only Israel is our ally. Perhaps it is time to accept the Palestinians as an ally so that we can be an honest broker between them and Israel.

The Kurds who live in Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey want a homeland of their own. Turkey is most resistant because Turkey is afraid that the Kurds will claim part of Turkey, as well as part of Iraq and Syria. I think that the solution to the Turk/Kurd dispute lies in a Kurdish homeland with local independence within Turkey. When the US will be able to obtain a cessation of hostilities in the area is anyone’s guess.


Hamas is generally labelled a terrorist organization. Rumor has it that having lost its Iranian backing, Hamas, a Sunni organization, is now seeking backing from Saudi Arabia. If Hamas succeeds, will the US reclassify Hamas as a non-terrorist organization or will we reclassify Saudi Arabia as a state sponsor of terrorism? I favor reclassifying Saudi Arabia, the people behind 9-11, as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Bitter batter, better butter

Batter and butter have nothing to do with this post, but I could not resist the title. The Republicans rejected Obamacare and promised a better solution. After seven years or so, they have offered no viable alternative. Now they are saying that the administration should have negotiated a better deal with Iran. Again they offer no suggestions or alternatives. They are just BITTER about Obama’s successes.