Religious wars

War is hell, but the most vicious wars in history have been those between two different religious denominations who justify their actions in the name of God, Jehovah or Allah. When a war is a religious war, such as the one in the Middle East between the Sunni and Shia factions of Islam, the US should not become involved. The Sunni/Shia dispute has lasted nearly 1400 years and US involvement now is unlikely to settle the dispute. In the past, Christians have battled other Christians, Jews and Muslims. If it is in our national interest to wage war, let us at least avoid those that are waged for religious reasons.

An alternative to Saudi Arabia

Potentially Venezuela can supply the US and the world with more oil than Saudi Arabia. Rather than sponsoring one coup after another in Venezuela, I  suggest a program of foreign aid to help the Venezuelan people overcome a period of economic turmoil that we probably had a hand in causing. It would be much cheaper than endless wars in the Middle East. If the Saudis and Israel want a war with Iran, let them fight it without American boots on the ground. Venezuela is much closer to the US market and is not involved in conflicts with its neighbors.

Tar sands part 2

Lost in the Keystone XL Pipeline furor is the fact that Venezuela has much more tar sands than Canada does. In fact, taking all its oil deposits together, Venezuela potentially has more to offer than Saudi Arabia. That is why there is so much interest in who rules Venezuela, the 20% of Venezuelans who benefit from Big Oil or the 80% of Venezuelans who were forgotten before Hugo Chavez.