To frac or not to frack

Please note the difference in spelling frac(k) in the headline; it is deliberate. Supporters of fracking spell it “frac” while opponents spell it “frack.” I am opposed to fracking because we need clean water more than we need cheap energy. I decided to read Fracking, America’s Alternative Energy Revolution by John H. Graves to learn more about fracking by one of its supporters. The book is very informative about the fracking process. The author mentions the problems that accompany fracking but he shrugs them off as being relatively minor. He is a firm believer in the invisible hand of the market to solve all problems. The book is worth reading if you seek a better understanding of the fracking process.

9-11 incompetence

I have been thinking about 9-11 and it is hard to believe that a ragtag group of terrorists could have planned and executed the attacks. Some people believe that 9-11 was an inside job, executed by our government to put the US on a war footing. I find that equally hard to believe because of the Bush administration’s later demonstrated incompetence. There was the bungled Iraq war beginning in 2003, the Katrina fiasco beginning in 2005 and the financial meltdown beginning in 2007-2008. With 9-11 occurring only eight months into Bush’s first term, I doubt that they had time to plan and execute 9-11, besides keeping it a secret. An administration that could not catch bin Laden at Tora Bora when they had him surrounded, could not have been the authors of 9-11. Then if not al-Qaeda or the Bush administration, then who?

Koch brothers’ agenda

The Koch brothers claim that they are spending huge sums of money in elections to save America. If that is the case, I applaud their efforts. According to Whores, Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment by Larry Klayman, the US is much more corrupt than I thought. The corruption is wider and deeper than I realized and includes all three branches of the Federal government, executive, legislative and judicial. The problem is money and its corrupting effects. In my opinion, the only solution is public financing of campaigns in order to eliminate campaign contributions from individuals and corporations entirely.

If the Kochs are spending large sums now so that they and others will not be able to influence future campaigns, I support their efforts. If they are spending large sums now so that they can continue to spend large sums in the future, I will oppose them.