Bush was bad

George W. Bush was bad
Donald Trump would be worse.

Herman Cain was bad
Ben Carson would be worse.

Marco Rubio is bad
Ted Cruz would be worse.

Mike Huckabee in 2008 was bad
Mike Huckabee in 2016 would be worse.

Mitt Romney was bad
Lindsey Graham would be worse.

Michele Bachmann was bad
Carly Fiorina would be worse.

Electing a Republican Congress was bad
Electing a Republican president would be much worse.

Terrorism part 2

Terrorism is terrorism no matter who commits it or who supports it. If Muslims are expected to condemn al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorism, then Christians must condemn terrorists such as Robert Louis Dear in Colorado Springs and the KKK. Potential terrorists and their supporters, even if members of Congress, must be condemned, put on the no-fly list and prohibited from purchasing guns.

Jim Webb, Democrat

I supported Jim Webb for the presidency when he was running as a Democrat, although his policies are more conservative than the times demand. Since he dropped out of the race as a Democrat, I have switched my support to Bernie Sanders whose policies are more in line with what the times demand. Jim Webb is a good man and he would make an excellent candidate for the GOP if the GOP ever regain their sanity. Webb was a Republican formerly.