Autumn leaves collage

Autumn LeavesCollageThis is an acrylic collage on canvas, unframed, and pictured on a gray wall. The canvas measures 12x12x0.5 inches. The collage leaves add 2 inches to the width, 1 inch to the height and 1/8 inch to the depth, if hung as pictured. If you are interested in purchasing this unique item, please contact me, Walt Hecht, at I have priced it at US$350.00 and shipping within the US is an additional US$35.00.

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Carly Fiorina part 2

Reportedly, Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is considering a run for president in 2016 as a Republican. She is not qualified and the GOP will never nominate her. The only elective office she has ever sought was US Senator from California in 2010 which she lost. She will tout her business experience as qualifying her for the office, but government is not a business. Herbert Hoover was a good businessman and served in government before being elected. However, the presidency was his first elected office and we all know how that turned out (Great Depression). Fiorina is certainly brighter and better educated than Sarah Palin and the GOP might consider her for vice president. That would be a mistake.

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State of the Union

The Constitution requires that the President deliver a State of the Union report to Congress periodically. Before Woodrow Wilson, Presidents submitted their reports in written form. After Wilson with the exception of Hoover, the State of the Union has been  given before Congress and broadcast live to the nation by radio and later TV. Out of spite, the GOP in Congress are threatening to not allow President Obama to give a State of the Union address in January, 2015.

This is a Republican first step in their efforts to roll back FDR’s New Deal and any progressive legislation enacted by and after Wilson. Their efforts include repeal of Constitutional amendments enacting the income tax, direct election of Senators and possibly universal suffrage including women’s right to vote. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unemployment insurance, disaster relief, and Obamacare are prominent on their hit list.

“Forcing The Contradictions Of The GOP”: With Immigration Action, Obama Calls His Opponents’ Bluff

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Obama’s decision to back away from our government’s policy of ripping apart the families of undocumented immigrants has called forth utterly contradictory responses from Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and progressives. It should now be clear that the two sides don’t see the facts, the law or history in the same way.

Conservatives say the president’s executive actions on immigration are uniquely lawless and provocative. Progressives insist that Obama is acting in the same way that President Reagan and both presidents Bush did. They recall that after the second President Bush’s immigration reform bill failed in the Senate in 2007 — it was very similar to the 2013 bill Obama supports — White House spokeswoman Dana Perino declared flatly of the administration’s willingness to use its executive powers: “We’re going as far as we possibly can without Congress acting.”

Yet perhaps facts are now irrelevant. There was an enlightening moment…

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