The Iranian bomb

Iran does not have the bomb and claims that it does not want one. Some recent hysterical articles claim that Iranian possession of a nuclear device would be the end of the world. What is the truth?

Israel already possesses the bomb as does Pakistan, Russia, China, India, France, England, North Korea and the US. Adding one more member to the nuclear club when the US has more nuclear devices (probably) than all the rest put together will not mean the end of the world. Then why the hysteria?

Partly it is a religious issue, because Israel and Saudi Arabia are opposed to increased power and status for Iran. Iran is Shiite, which Sunni Saudi Arabia regards as a heretical version of Islam while Israel is of course Jewish. Mainly though the opposition to Iran is geopolitical; nether Israel nor Saudi Arabia want a powerful rival playing in their sandbox, the deserts of the Middle East. The only other populous nation in the Middle East is Egypt and Egypt lacks oil and is relatively poor. Iran is potentially a very powerful and wealthy nation.

If Iran were to acquire the bomb, it would not share the technology with al-Qaeda, which is a Sunni organization. Iran is predominantly Shia and the only other Shia nation is Iraq. Pakistan is a failing state with nuclear weapons and that provided shelter for bin Laden for 10+ years, yet did not supply al-Qaeda with nuclear weapons. Both the Pakistanis and the Iranians understand that attacking the West or Israel directly or by proxy would be national suicide. Since the Iranians are both civilized and intelligent, we should be willing to accept their assertions that they do not seek nuclear weapons, with safeguards of course.

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