3 choices

The Republicans have three choices in the 2016 presidential election.

  1. They can nominate Mitt Romney or some other establishment candidate and lose.
  2. They can nominate Donald Trump and lose big.
  3. Or they can nominate Mitt Romney or some other establishment candidate and Donald Trump runs as an independent and lose bigger.

The only question then will be whether the GOP candidate finishes second or third. If the GOP candidate finishes third, it will be an almost repeat of the election of 1912 where Wilson won, Teddy Roosevelt finished second and Taft running for re-election finished third.

Religious test

If we start applying a religious test for entry into the US, then Christians should have priority, at least according to some on the Sunday morning talk shows. I suppose that born-again Christians would be at the top of the list followed by other protestant denominations with Catholics from Mexico and points south at the bottom of the Christian category. Who would follow Christians? Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims? If a religious test is implemented, it really should differentiate between Sunnis and Shiite Muslims. To the best of my knowledge, al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists are all Sunnis. Why then discriminate against all Muslims?

Alfa Romeo

03Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo, wherefore art thou Alfa Romeo? to paraphrase Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. The first and so far only Alfa that I have ever driven was an Alfa Spider Veloce convertible priced new at $7500 in the mid 1970s. The car emitted a very distinctive growl and required the Italian driving position of knees spread to accommodate the fixed steering wheel. Pictured above is the new Alfa 4C Spider priced at $75,000, a ten-fold increase. If I could afford one, I would make a beeline to the nearest dealer in Henderson, Nevada. What caught my eye in addition to the styling is the fact that there are four different driving modes selectable from the cockpit. Typically I would select maximum comfort, but it is nice to know that there are three other modes available.