Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson, Plebian and Patriot by Robert W. Winston. Before reading this book, I knew little about Johnson, other than he was impeached, but not convicted by the Senate by one vote. I wondered why Lincoln replaced Hannibal Hamlin with Johnson as his running mate in 1864. Now I know that Lincoln and Johnson worked closely together to keep Tennessee in the Union. Johnson was a pro-Union Southern Democrat.

From the information contained in this book, I have drawn some interesting conclusions. They are my conclusions, not the author’s. Lincoln was elected in 1860 because the vote was split four ways. Lincoln was re-elected in 1864 because the GOP stole the election, something they continue to do today whenever possible. If he had lived, the radical Republicans in Congress would have impeached him, but probably been unable to convict him either. Johnson was impeached for following Lincoln’s policy of moderation toward the Confederate states.

It is amazing the similarities between how the GOP treated Johnson and how they are treating President Obama 150 years later.

The wash cycle

Bill O’Reilly
Washed some clothes
First they agitated
Then they spun
Next they rinsed
But it was
The no-spin zone
Bill’s clothes
Exited the washer
Soaking wet
Bill put them in the dryer
Knowing no better
Just like the viewers
Of FOX News
Knowing no better
Than if they had not
Watched the O’Reilly Factor
And its no-spin zone.