Dick Cheney’s agenda

When 9-11 occurred, Dick Cheney had a decades old agenda from the Vietnam War and Watergate eras, restore the presidency to its former power and glory, at least as he saw it. In achieving that goal, he had a compliant President in George W. Bush and his own personal lawyer assistant in David S. Addington, known as Cheney’s Cheney. Cheney has ridden off into the sunset, but Addington is perched on the bench in the GOP bullpen, the so-called Heritage Foundation, where the GOP parks its reserves when out of power.

I picture Dick Cheney as Darth Vader without the cape and helmet. It was Dick Cheney who championed enhanced interrogation during the Global War on Terror, and it was Dick Cheney’s influence that led to the Patriot Act that cost us some of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Occasionally, Dick is a guest on FOX to defend his policies and to criticize President Obama who reversed some of them on day one of his Presidency.

Football and politics

Football and politics are both team sports. In yesterday’s Super Bowl, the more experienced quarterback and the better team won. Cam Newton had youth and a brilliant season behind him, but the Denver defense stopped him and the Panthers. The GOP have younger candidates for President but their team is split and dysfunctional. The two potential Democratic quarterbacks (candidates) are older and crafty. If the Democrats can maintain a unified front and draw in the support of younger and more informed voters, they will win in November.

Definition of a pundit

A pundit knows nothing, but says things that sound wise until events prove him/her dead wrong. Cases in point, Donald Trump can’t be stopped. Marco Rubio will be the next President. And on and on with one prediction after another. Will they ever learn? And why do people listen to them? And why do their employers pay them big bucks just to fill air time?

The last word

The Dark Side, The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals by Jane Meyer published in 2008. The final paragraph:

“In Charlottesville, Virginia, Phillip Zelikow, who returned to teaching history at the University of Virginia, tried to take stock. In time, he predicted, the Bush Administration’s descent into torture would be seen as akin to Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. It happened, he believed, in much the same way, for many of the same reasons. As he put it, ‘Fear and anxiety were exploited by zealots and fools.'”

Zealots and fools, the same people in the GOP now running for our highest office.