GOP clown car

At the beginning of the race, there were so many GOP presidential candidates that they would not fit on one stage or in one clown car, so they rented a GOP clown bus. Now at a reduced field of six, the GOP candidates fit into a GOP clown van. Before or after the convention, there will be only one GOP candidate who will occupy a clown car by himself. The only certainty is that he will not be able to drive in the diamond lanes on California freeways. That is unless he is riding a GOP clown motorcycle, as Scott Walker does.

Robin Hood tax

Bernie Sanders is proposing a small tax on all stock and bond? transactions on Wall Street, the so-called Robin Hood tax, to pay for free college tuition. I favor that tax and I also favor an annual wealth tax to be paid by the 1% on their total wealth as is presently implemented in some European countries. There is no reason on this earth why the wealthy cannot afford or should not pay a tiny fraction (say 0.5% to 1%) of their accumulated wealth to help finance needed government programs.

Please see Fat cat tax

One-issue candidate

Hillary Clinton has started accusing Bernie Sanders of being a one-issue candidate. However, income inequality and money in politics is the one issue that overrides everything else. If we wish to remain a democracy, we must get big money out of politics and restore the middle-class. Our future depends on it. Every other issue depends on fixing our democracy first.