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Michelle Malkin’s column appearing in the local paper, The Spectrum, has produced letters to the editor both for and against. Recently I resigned my monthly column, unpaid, and shortly thereafter the paper dropped the Malkin column, paid for I presume. I generally wrote a liberal column and Malkin’s column was consistently conservative and frequently hateful. If losing a liberal column caused the newspaper to drop Malkin to preserve a balance, I am pleased to have contributed to the change. I doubt that they were related.

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“A GOP Cliché”: Politicians Are No Scientists On Climate Change, But They’re Happy To Give Medical Opinions On Ebola

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“I’m not a scientist, but …” has become something of a cliché among politicians who want to weigh in on climate science without actually having to say whether they believe it. But when it comes to Ebola, a number of the same not-a-scientist politicians have been more than happy to provide their medical opinions, as Think Progress documented Monday.

Many of these politicians have made false statements about Ebola, from claiming one could catch it at a cocktail party, to arguing that it can be transmitted through the air, to worrying that immigrants will carry it over the Mexican border (where there have been precisely zero cases of Ebola).

As Think Progress notes, many of the Republican politicians spreading medical misinformation about Ebola have attested to their lack of qualifications in other scientific fields like climate change:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) says he’s “not qualified” to…

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