Follow the money part 2

Who says ISIS is a threat to the US? The CIA? They excel at regime change but not at predicting threats to the US. Defense contractors will make billions in profits and contribute millions in campaign contributions and certainly will gain from a war on ISIS. Why give credence to threats from the leaders of ISIS when bin Laden and al-Qaeda threats were frequently ignored even after al-Qaeda caused the death of 3000 Americans on 9-11?

George W. Bush versus the TEA Party

In my judgment at this time, George W. Bush is winning the destruction of the US and of the world contest with the TEA Party. George has caused more damage than the TEA party so far. This will change soon if we do not eliminate the influence of the TEA Party and its supporters in the GOP. A TEA Party-like predecessor, the American Liberty League  appeared in 1934 and had disappeared by 1940. The TEA Party had the good luck, bad luck for us, to appear and influence an election in a census year, 2010. If we do not rid ourselves of the TEA Party curse before the next census in 2020, it may too late because the climate deniers will be able to stop action on climate change for 6 more years. In that case, the TEA Party will definitely cause greater damage to the US and the world than George W. Bush did.

EBOLA woes

The news media are stoking EBOLA fears. They start by saying EBOLA is very difficult to transmit. Then they list all the activities of the latest victim as though those activities might lead to the spread of the virus. Please. A person is much more likely to be mugged on a NYC subway than to contract EBOLA from a fellow passenger. Perhaps EBOLA will win in the end because the virus is smarter than humans.